What is Christian Team ?

A social platform for decent law abiding less government minded folks in favor of Christian to meet like minded folks to discuss important topics that are being censored or deleted from mainstream propaganda / fake news media


ChristianTube has over 100 Independent Media Channels that were very popular on YouTube


ChristianMarket is both a private marketplace and decentralized open source local & worldwide marketplace

CTEAM Tokens

A cryptocurrency created with a technological approach to circumvent the coming Beast System

Receive 10 free CTEAM Tokens for registering. Get paid in CTEAM Tokens for posting, liking and referring. You own your data and we will never sell your data. Create ChristianTeams of family and friends.

We are going to a cashless society. The Globalists have created a global digital payment system. You will not be able to purchase or sell with paper money. The entire Christian Platform has been developed with a technological approach to circumvent their Beast System.